Shorts for every posture: The guide to choosing between tight-fitting or floating yoga shorts for yoga

A chaque posture son short : Le guide pour choisir entre un short de yoga moulant ou flottant pour le yoga

Women's Yoga Shorts: Tight or Floating, which one is right for you?

When you roll out your yoga mat, you are getting ready to reconnect with yourself. The outfit you choose plays a crucial role in this experience. Among the decisions to be made, that of shorts is essential!

Are you hesitating between tight shorts and floating shorts from our brand or in general? Through this article, Yofe guides you to find the shorts that best suit you for your yoga practice, while maintaining style 😎

Floating shorts are the chameleon of sportswear.

Its loose cut gives you the freedom to move without constraint , which is perfect if you follow a yoga session with a run or a dip in the pool. Its water-repellent, quick-drying fabric is a major asset. In addition, with UPF50+ sun protection and a composition mainly made of recycled polyester , you are making an ethical and sustainable choice. However, this type of shorts can sometimes limit you in certain yoga postures where you need to see the alignment of your legs.

On the other hand, the tight shorts are like a second skin.

It follows you in each of your movements with precision, ideal for complex postures and fluid transitions . The high waist of our shorts gives you extra comfort and the inside pocket is a practical little touch that you will appreciate. It also has UPF 50+ protection, protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun. Its only downside? It is less versatile for other sports.

So how to choose? The answer lies in your personal practice and daily activities. If you're a yogini who likes to follow up a meditation session with an outdoor run or a dip in the pool, the floaty shorts will be your ideal companion. But if you aspire to an intense practice where each transition must be executed with precision, the tight shorts will meet your needs.

Whatever your choice, our 2 styles of shorts are made to order , for a lower ecological impact (less inventory, material consumption, waste, etc.) and they will accompany you in your yoga journey with ease and style.


Floating Shorts

Bodycon Shorts


Excellent (yoga, running, swimming)

Good (specifically designed for yoga)


Comfortable fit, breathable fabric

Second skin, fits the body


Water-repellent microfiber, 91% recycled polyester

Polyester and spandex, 4-way stretch





Elastic waist with drawstring

High waist + comfort elastic

Practical design

Side pockets

small interior pocket


OEKO-TEX 100 certified

OEKO-TEX 100 certified


Relaxed fit, customizable with patterns

Slim, elegant and supportive cut


Less suitable for precise yoga postures

Less versatile for other sports

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