Essential equipment for practicing yoga

Les équipements indispensables pour bien pratiquer le yoga

Yoga is an activity that continues to grow in popularity. Indeed, this sport - because yes it is a sport - is no longer reserved for hippies. More and more people are seduced by the benefits of yoga.

But as with all sporting activities, equipment is necessary to be able to practice it with complete peace of mind.

So, if you have already booked your first yoga session, here is a list of essential and additional equipment for yoga practice.

Five Reasons People Love Yoga

With 60 million yoga-related posts on Instagram every day, what about this practice that has people so addicted?

  • Yoga is a known method for relieving stress.
  • It can help reduce neck pain, headaches and sleeping problems.
  • Some use yoga to lose weight.
  • Everyone can practice it.
  • Yoga improves posture.

Did we manage to convince you to try yoga? Now let's move on to the recommended equipment for yoga.

yoga equipment

An internet search for yoga equipment you might need will leave you in complete limbo. Indeed, there are so many things and products available, so to make it easier for you, let's go over the essentials you need as a beginner, followed by some good to haves.

What should a yoga beginner buy?

There are five essential yoga supplies that every yogi needs, whether you're attending a class, practicing at home or away:

yoga mat

These are essential if you don't want to slip during practice. It also acts as a nice cushion separating you from the floor. Each yoga session should end with a savasana pose as you lie down and remain as still as possible.

Yoga mat - essential equipment for yoga

Other poses, such as Balasana (baby pose), Bhujangasana (cobra pose), and some variations of Kapotasana (pigeon pose), also mean that your face is touching or very close to the ground. Yoga mats offer you comfort and avoid getting dirty.

yoga blocks

Every beginner should invest in yoga blocks. Yoga is an art form that you have to practice, training your body to go deeper into the poses to feel the full benefits. Yoga blocks help you achieve this. Can't reach the ground? Use yoga blocks. Afraid of tipping over while trying Bakasana (Crow Pose)? Use yoga blocks. Are you struggling to keep your balance? Use yoga blocks.

Bottle of water

Many people think that yoga is an exercise that won't make you sweat. This is not the case, especially for beginners. A bottle of water is essential during a yoga class to stay well hydrated.

yoga strap

It is an essential piece of yoga equipment just like a yoga block. This can help you gradually deepen a pose for a more effective stretch. Straps can also help you achieve proper alignment and increase flexibility.

Comfortable clothes

You will see a lot of influencers wearing thin yoga pants for their practices. But newbies don't have to dress the same or invest in a whole new wardrobe. The more comfortable you are in your yoga clothes , the better your experience will be.

Essential yoga accessories

“Nice to have” yoga equipment

We are sure you will be addicted to yoga after a few sessions. As you try new practices and find your favorite poses, you'll definitely want to add to your yoga gear.

The following are not essential for practicing yoga, but many people invest in them once they become dedicated yogis.

yoga cushion

It's a great investment if you don't feel comfortable sitting down. They raise you slightly for a more comfortable seat. Yoga cushions are also fabulous to use during savasana.

yoga blanket

It has the same purpose as a cushion, but you can change the thickness by folding it. We also like to wrap them around us during savasana.

yoga bag

Yoga mats get dirty, so regular cleaning is a must. A yoga bag is an ideal accessory to store your mat between sessions. It also protects it from dust and other dirt when you go to a yoga class. These bags usually come with straps, which also makes carrying easier.

yoga towel

Remember when we said you were going to sweat during a yoga session? Well, a yoga towel absorbs sweat, protecting you from slipping. It will also prevent your mat from slipping under your weight. If you plan to use a yoga mat provided by your gym, we recommend placing a towel on it for hygienic reasons.

yoga socks

Another yoga equipment that will prevent you from slipping during practice. They are also very comfortable and are perfect for people who don't like to go barefoot to the gym.

yoga wheel

A yoga wheel may seem intimidating, but it's great yoga equipment to have if you need to release tension or want a much deeper stretch.

While it's easy to get caught up in the fun of buying any yoga equipment, we recommend buying only the essentials at first. The others are great options that people can buy as gifts or if you want to practice yoga more intensively.

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