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Why should you start practicing yoga in 2024?
In this article, we invite you to discover yoga in a new light. Whether you are alone or with your family, sporty or sedentary, yoga is certainly a discipline within your reach!
Are you afraid of not getting there and that prevents you from taking the plunge?
Do you want to get started, but you don't know how to go about it?
Let yourself be guided
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How Chair Yoga Improves Daily Health and Well-Being

The beauty of chair yoga is its accessibility. Unlike some forms of yoga which require particular flexibility or strength, chair yoga is open to everyone, regardless of their age or physical condition. This form of yoga is perfect for those looking for a way to stay active, reduce stress, and improve their overall health without being daunted by complex or intimidating yoga poses. This is why chair yoga is such a practice. important and accessible .

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What is the difference between a good and a bad yogi?

If you decide to participate in a few yoga sessions, without much conviction, just to try… That's already very good!

You'll see, the rest will follow, because the hardest part is done. Your efforts will pay off. Whatever benefits you derive from your regular or occasional yoga practice: it's always taken.

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Cardiac coherence... "who controls his breath, controls his life".
If you start practicing cardiac coherence, you will have a very effective tool for the daily management of stress and emotions . At the beginning of the day, before an important appointment, a decisive meeting... practice the exercise, and you will feel a feeling of peace and calm .

In the long term, the benefits of cardiac coherence are numerous on physical and mental health.
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