#21 - Nutryoga - The Microbiota - yoga whatever the cost!

#21 - Nutryoga - Le Microbiote - le yoga quoiqu'il en coûte !

In this episode of our podcast, we dive into the fascinating world of the microbiota, a key element of our health and well-being . 🦠✨ If you're wondering what the microbiota is, how it influences our health, and how to keep it in balance, this episode is for you! 🎉

Join us with Dominique, a passionate naturopath and expert in intestinal health, to discover the secrets of the microbiota. 🌱✨ She will share her knowledge on the essential role of the intestinal microbiota, its impacts on our immune system and our general well-being, and how a suitable diet can promote a healthy microbiota. 🍽️💚

Whether you're curious about naturopathy, interested in optimizing your digestive health, or looking for tips to balance your microbiota, this episode will provide you with valuable information. Dominique will also explain the signs of an unbalanced microbiota and strategies to rebalance it naturally. 🌿🧬

Don't miss this enriching discussion, filled with practical advice, naturopathic insights, and inspiration to improve your intestinal health. Get ready to discover how to take care of your microbiota and live a healthier and more balanced life thanks to Dominique's wise advice. On your headphones! 🎙️💚

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