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In this new episode of our podcast, I welcome Kevin, a multi-talented teacher: yoga, boxing and hip-hop dance. 🥊🧘‍♂️🎶 Kevin tells us about his fascinating journey, his discoveries in these varied disciplines.

Kevin shares how he discovered yoga and boxing, and how these disciplines have influenced and intertwined in his life and career. He will tell us more specifically about his passion for hip-hop dance🌟💃

Whether you're a yoga lover, a boxing enthusiast, or simply curious about hip-hop dancing, this episode is filled with inspiring advice and captivating stories. Kevin explains how he combines these disciplines to create a unique approach to wellness and performance. 💪🧘‍♂️🎶

We will also discuss his time in London, where he enriched his expertise and found new sources of inspiration. Kevin will share stories about the London wellness and fitness scene, and how this experience has shaped his training philosophy. 🌍🏙️

Don't miss this energetic and inspiring conversation with Kevin, who will give you valuable insights into the synergy between yoga, boxing and hip-hop.

Prepare to be inspired by his unique journey and discover how these disciplines can transform your life. On your headphones! 🎙️💪🧘‍♂️🎶

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✉️ podcast@yofeyoga.com


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