#7 - Teachers - Pablo talks to us about prenatal yoga

#7 - Professeurs - Pablo nous parle yoga prénatal

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🔥 In this episode, from the Teachers series, we meet Pablo, prenatal yoga teacher and midwife. Originally from Chile, Pablo has been in France for 3 years.

🎤 He will explain his journey that led him to evolve from a yoga teacher to a prenatal yoga teacher. We will discuss obstetrical violence in the hospital, the origins of prenatal yoga, the positive points of yoga for pregnant women and how this practice accompanies them month by month until the day of delivery. 👬 We will also talk about the role of dad during prenatal yoga classes.

He will explain to us the specificities and the origins of this type of yoga; what can be expected from a prenatal yoga training. For future moms yoginis, 🚨 he will tell us the red flags to have in mind, to make sure that a teacher can accept you in a classic yoga class.

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