#8 - Teachers - Emma & Yoga at Parc Montsouris - yoga whatever the cost!

#8 - Professeurs - Emma & Yoga au parc Montsouris - le yoga quoiqu'il en coûte !

#8 - Teachers - Emma & Yoga at Parc Montsouris

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In this episode 🎧, we go to meet by Emma 🧘‍♀️, Italian by birth and passionate yoga teacher. Emma offers, among other things, outdoor yoga classes, in the heart of Parc Montsouris in Paris 🌳. She will share with us her journey and the commitment necessary to become a teacher of yoga 📚.

We'll find out how the idea of ​​offering outdoor yoga at Parc Montsouris came to him 💡. Once the concept is in place, Emma will tell us how she promoted her class 📣👥, managed permissions and logistics for outdoor yoga classes 📝, and most importantly, how she met her first student 🤝. An episode rich in emotions, filled with perseverance and inspiration , not to be missed!

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