#5 - Yogi Apprentices - Florian

#5 - Les Apprentis Yogi - Florian

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Welcome everyone for this series of interviews that I named the Apprentice yogis 🧘
These are simply people who have discovered yoga recently, a few weeks, a few months… a maximum of a year! and they hooked with practice…
In this second episode of this series, I talk with Florian , a colleague from the shared office in our co-working space. We have yoga classes every Thursday at lunchtime, and each time I invite other co-workers to come... between an embarrassed smile and a joke, Florian played the game and he came to practice yoga!
And then finally, irregularly, he came back. Why, how is it that I wanted to understand. What were these reactions to the first lesson, will he continue? you will find out by listening to this episode of the Yoga podcast whatever the cost!
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