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Why don't we melt while practicing hot yoga?
During a Hot Yoga class, listen to yourself and take a break if you feel you really need it. Hot yoga can take some getting used to, so it's best to take it easy at first and not overdo it.

Take breaks in the practice and rest on your mat. And if you feel like half a course is enough for the first few times, you can gradually build up your tolerance.
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Yoga For Men: Awaken Your Inner Yogi

In 2019, statistics identified 2.6 million yoga practitioners in France, and 80% of them are women!

How can a discipline developed by a man ( Patañjali ) be so neglected by them in our Western culture? In India, men who practice yoga are numerous, and they are even very popular!

You're a man, and you don't dare go to just any yoga class. But know that there are now more and more yoga studios that offer classes for men only.

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What is the difference between a good and a bad yogi?

If you decide to participate in a few yoga sessions, without much conviction, just to try… That's already very good!

You'll see, the rest will follow, because the hardest part is done. Your efforts will pay off. Whatever benefits you derive from your regular or occasional yoga practice: it's always taken.

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