How to (properly) choose your yoga leggings in 2024?

Comment bien choisir son legging de yoga ?

When you observe a yoga class, you realize that there are several types of outfits. On the female side, there are those who wear shorts, those who prefer loose pants and there is the legging team ! For those who have chosen this camp, here are some tips for choosing your yoga leggings thoughtfully and elegantly . To help you find leggings for your needs, here are some key features that will make them optimal for practicing yoga. From the breathability of the fabrics to the comfort of the fit and style or the manufacturing characteristics, here are elements that will allow you to choose the right leggings:

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Fit, comfort and size of yoga leggings

Leggings are one of the most popular and comfortable workout clothes for women. In a few years, they have dethroned the misshapen and unstylish jogging bottoms. Beyond looks, they also offer a range of benefits that make them ideal for activities such as yoga, running and other forms of exercise. Wearing yoga leggings during your practice can help improve your “performance” by providing greater freedom of movement, increased breathability, and better support for your muscles and joints.

The benefits of leggings are that they are lightweight and flexible so you can move freely without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. For the cut, there are two types of leggings, the classic whose bottom reaches below the ankles, and the Capri models whose leg length stops above the ankle. For this point, it's a simple matter of taste, the only difference is that the classic is warmer than capri leggings.

The other essential subject when we talk about cut is the belt . This element is the elastic part at the waist. With a high-waisted belt, you will be well supported and your leggings will not slip. A high waist will allow your leggings to sit close to your body so they can follow all your movements.

For those with stomach problems, a high waist allows you to hide it and even benefit from a shaping effect. This refines the silhouette and you will be able to practice in leggings and a bra without having your entire stomach exposed.

choosing yoga leggings

So be careful before choosing your leggings for yoga, check that the model has a high waist.

If you are well supported at the top, you should not be too tight at the crotch and avoid the leggings being too tight... a cameltoe as the Americans say. The famous camel toe is due to a too slim fit cut of the leggings. Check that your leggings have an extra piece at the crotch level. A cut with a triangle-shaped gusset will guarantee you more comfort... and avoid questionable looks .

When choosing the size of the leggings, it is important to feel neither too tight nor not supported enough. Often, yoga leggings are labeled with US sizes. Most brands offer models that range from Xs to XL. For some styles at Yofe, we offer leggings in 2Xs and up to 6XL. There will definitely be a size for you.

You must be careful to select the right size, because depending on the brand there are differences in correspondence between Anglo-Saxon and French sizes. An S can be the equivalent of a size 34 or a 36. Arm yourself with a tape measure and take the time to check the centimeter correspondence with the equivalence of the size announced by the brand.

The material of yoga leggings

With the right size and fit, yoga leggings will provide comfort, flexibility and breathability when performing asanas or stretching exercises. The type of material used in the leggings is also essential to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

The most popular materials used for yoga leggings are spandex, polyester, cotton or plant fibers (e.g. bamboo). Each material offers its own unique benefits that make it suitable for different types of activities. Spandex is very elastic and holds its shape well; polyester is durable and moisture-wicking; cotton is soft and breathable. With so many options available, you can choose the best equipment based on your activity level and personal preferences.

For non-vegetable materials, they can be EKO-TEX certified, which means that the material is guaranteed to be free of harmful substances (for inks for example).

Conversely, for plant materials , you should not believe that they are 100% eco-responsible. For example, bamboo pulp is mixed with synthetic and chemical materials to guarantee the strength of the thread (hydrogen sulphide or carbon disulphide). The choice of materials is important for comfort but also for the planet. Between what is written on the label, what you imagine and the ecological reality , there is a strong disparity. Be careful of the overly eco-friendly promise!

Style and color of yoga leggings

Choosing the style and color of your yoga leggings is necessarily a personal thing. On the other hand, have you noticed that 95% of women wear black leggings ? There is a phenomenon in fashion, architecture or design in general, it is that color disappears ( France culture video) :

It's a bit sad, so we might as well put a little color back into our lives and onto our carpets .

What color for yoga leggings?

Adding a little color is putting a little life and joy into your practice. Without necessarily turning into a carpet harlequin, there are more and more legging models that offer a touch of originality.

Choosing yoga leggings with color can add a touch of personality to your outfit and make you feel more confident and happy during your yoga session. Here are some reasons why choosing yoga leggings with color can be beneficial:

  1. It can help you feel more at ease : Colors can impact our mood and state of mind. Choosing colors that you like can help you feel more comfortable during your yoga sessions.
  2. To Stand Out : Black and neutral yoga leggings are very common, so by choosing a bright color or print you can stand out from the crowd.
  3. It reminds you to have fun : Yoga can get serious and stressful sometimes, so by choosing a bright color or print, you can remind yourself to have fun and practice with a smile.
  4. This helps you remember your goal : Colors have different meanings and symbols, so by choosing a color that matches your goal, you can remember it during your practice.

Here are some examples of colors and their symbolic meanings:

  • Purple: It is often associated with spirituality, meditation and inner peace.
  • Blue: It is often associated with tranquility, serenity and communication.
  • Green: It is often associated with nature, balance and growth.
  • Red: It is often associated with energy, passion and strength.
  • Yellow: It is often associated with joy, creativity and wisdom.

In any case, remember to choose leggings whose material/color combo is dark and dense enough to prevent your panties from being seen during Uttanasana (standing tongs). Even black leggings whose material is too thin become transparent when stretched.

what prints for yoga leggings?

Often the models are mono chrome and without pattern. Choosing leggings with a print will give an original side to your yoga outfit.

There are many different prints available for yoga leggings, here are some examples:

  • Floral prints: they are often associated with nature and inner peace, they can bring softness and femininity.
  • Geometric prints: they are often associated with balance and harmony, they can bring a touch of modernity and energy to your yoga outfit.
  • Ethnic prints: they are often associated with culture and adventure, they can bring diversity and open-mindedness to your yoga outfit.
  • Spiritual prints (mandala, chakra pattern, etc.): they are often associated with meditation and spirituality, they can bring depth and wisdom to your yoga look.
  • Graphic prints: they are often associated with creativity and self-expression, they can bring originality and boldness to your yoga outfit.

It is important to choose a print that you like and that reflects your personal style to be comfortable during your practice.

cat pattern yoga leggings

And why not a cat as a motif?! meow?

Origin and place of production of leggings

Made in France, rarely, in Europe often, in Asia generally…

Once we say that, we haven't said anything. Of course, the further away we manufacture, the higher the environmental cost. Except that if we take the definition from the Ministry of the Economy website, for a company to be able to put a Made in France label, the product must:

  • derive a significant part of its value from one or more manufacturing stages located in France (a fabric from Asia transformed into leggings in France can be labeled made in France)
  • having undergone its last substantial transformation in France. (leggings made in China, but to which a seam or a small element is added will also become leggings Made in France)

So 100% French leggings certainly exist, but be careful all the same.

So, Europe?

Less impactful in terms of transport, the fact remains that the raw materials generally come from outside Europe. And then, we have to be vigilant in the European country… In recent years, we have all seen the promotion of products from Portugal, ok but why? The cost of labor, which is much lower than in France, the minimum wage is 740 euros monthly (2022). As Portugal has a good image in the collective unconscious, this gives a responsible side to its purchase.

The price of yoga leggings

The price of women's yoga leggings varies depending on many elements such as the brand, the place of production, the choice of materials and the cut. We can imagine that ethical yoga leggings designed in an eco-responsible way obviously cost more than women's yoga leggings made in China. Conversely, a very high price does not guarantee that the leggings meet all or some of the points mentioned. Once again, be careful of overly eco-friendly promises . We have already seen leggings sold for more than 100 euros even though we find them on wholesale platforms for 10 euros excluding tax…

A price that is too low can also be an indicator and should alert you to the origin or the working conditions of the workers. With 20% VAT, the cost of transport, operating costs, a brand that sells leggings for 30 euros must have obtained a purchase price of between 5 and 10 euros thanks to the volumes purchased.

A quote from Philippe Starck sums up the point well: “ a low price means that someone has to pay for you.

In conclusion, choosing yoga leggings is not an easy task, but by considering a few key factors, you can be sure to find the perfect leggings for you.

It is important to choose leggings that are comfortable, well-fitted, adapted to your height, with an elastic waistband, that you like, and easy to maintain. You can add a touch of style to your outfit by choosing a print, or by opting for original details or patterns.

Don't neglect quality either, because it is important to choose yoga leggings that are comfortable and durable over time, and that are made from quality materials.

And above all, don't forget to treat yourself and choose leggings that flatter you. Who says you can't look stylish even during Trikonasana !

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