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Bamboo clothing: what you need to know...
However, there are more environmentally friendly alternatives among bamboo textiles. Some clothes are made from natural bamboo fibers , not transformed into viscose. These textiles are generally more expensive due to their more complex and more environmentally friendly production process. To justify this higher price, manufacturers often provide details about the production methods used. Unlike bamboo viscose, which is very soft, natural bamboo fiber has a rougher texture and is often blended with cotton or other textiles to improve comfort.
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How to choose your yoga clothes?
The type of yoga you practice has a big influence on your clothing choices. For more dynamic styles, choose fitted clothes that follow the movement of your body and wick away perspiration well. For gentler practices, looser and more comfortable cuts will be more appropriate. Don't forget the importance of accessories, like non-slip socks or headbands, which can greatly improve your experience.
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What is somatic exercise?
Integrating somatic exercises into yoga creates a beneficial synergy by strengthening body awareness and improving fluidity of movement. This combination enriches the practice of yoga by allowing a deeper exploration of asanas through sensation and listening to the body.
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Why should you start practicing yoga in 2024?
In this article, we invite you to discover yoga in a new light. Whether you are alone or with your family, sporty or sedentary, yoga is certainly a discipline within your reach!
Are you afraid of not getting there and that prevents you from taking the plunge?
Do you want to get started, but you don't know how to go about it?
Let yourself be guided
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