The importance of controlling your mind

L'importance de contrôler son esprit

Since ancient times, human philosophers have understood the importance of the mind in managing human affairs. They knew that a person's outer circumstances were the result of their inner thoughts.

They were aware that if the person thinks of wealth, he would have wealth, while if the thoughts are of poverty, success and failure would produce corresponding effects in the person's circumstances.
Today, modern science has recognized the veracity of these findings. Therefore, it becomes crucial for a person to control his mind.

Yoga has specific techniques that deal with the science of mind control. Shankaracharya defined the mind in four different ways according to its functions:

  • Manas for the resolution work and the doubt.
  • Buddhi for decision and judgment.
  • Asmita for the consciousness of his individual existence.
  • Chita to remember previous experiences.

The mind is a vast collection of thoughts and traces of past experiences.
At birth, your mind is the collection of samskaras collected from previous births (if reincarnation is believed). These samskaras, the fruits of which have already been enjoyed, are reset at birth. But as you grow, new samskaras are added continuously due to various acts performed by you from birth to death.

Yoga recognizes five factors, fundamental to the mind of each person. They are called kleshas because they are the ancestors of every human misery. It is :

  • avidya which is the false knowledge or ignorance of one's true self in relation to objects.
  • asmita or ego since in yoga body and soul are two different aspects
  • raga is the taste of pleasurable experience.
  • dvesha or aversion to pain.
  • abhinivesha or the fear of death.

Yoga understands human behavior from the perspective of these five qualities which are believed to be present in a person from birth and are considered the impurities of the mind.
They make a person unstable and restless. Therefore, yoga offers Dhyana and Pranayam to cleanse your mind...

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