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discover Vinyasa yoga
Vinyasa yoga Vinyasa is a choreographic approach to yoga in which the sequence takes precedence. Accuracy in posture comes with practice. The postures are linked in a logical way with transitions. This type of yoga is very creative and physical...
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How to (properly) choose your yoga leggings in 2024?
When you observe a yoga class, you realize that there are several types of outfits. On the female side, there are those who wear shorts, those who prefer loose pants and there is the leggings team ! For those who have chosen this camp, here are some tips for choosing your yoga leggings with thought and elegance.
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Doping in yoga, why this omerta?

But there are darker parts of this sport, aspects that some practitioners are careful not to hear about, we are talking about doping.

And yes, doping to do yoga is a reality! You thought that Murielle, your carpet neighbor, had simply developed a gift for yoga, well no!

Everyone knows that she takes essential oils on the sly, in the locker room, just before entering the room...

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Your t-shirt will have no more secrets for you
T-shirts are very attractive, durable and versatile garments that can be worn as outerwear or undergarments. You certainly wear them for your yoga sessions. Since their inception in 1920, T-shirts have evolved into a multi-billion dollar market. T-shirts come in...
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