Cardiac coherence... "who controls his breath, controls his life".

La cohérence cardiaque... "qui contrôle son souffle, contrôle sa vie".

In the tradition of Yoga , breathing is essential... Without breath, Yoga is nothing as they say!

The practice of pranayama , the discipline of the breath, is an essential daily tool for all people who wish to be soothed internally!
Perhaps simpler to approach, and easier to apply, cardiac coherence is part of this tradition of "who controls his breath, controls his life". That's why Yofe offers you a video to guide you in this exercise.

Cardiac coherence allows you to learn to control your breathing in order to regulate your stress and anxiety . This simple technique would also reduce depression and blood pressure.

If you start practicing cardiac coherence, you will have a very effective tool for the daily management of stress and emotions . At the beginning of the day, before an important appointment, a decisive meeting... practice the exercise, and you will feel a feeling of peace and calm .

In the long term, the benefits of cardiac coherence are numerous on physical and mental health.

  • Decrease in cortisol, one of the defense hormones secreted during stress.
  • Increased alpha waves that promote memory.
  • Action on the secretion of dopamine, the pleasure hormone and serotonin, impeccable on the prevention of depression and anxiety!

For the other benefits , it goes from the reduction of arterial hypertension, reduction of cardiovascular risk, improvement of concentration, reduction of your hyperactivity... in short, only positive points .

Regarding the posture to practice, the sitting position is recommended because cardiac coherence does not work well in the lying position for anatomical reasons.

Our video will help you get your breathing right

Back straight, feet on the ground, and let yourself be guided by the lotus ...inhale when it grows and exhale when it shrinks.

click on the image below, and it's up to you!

version in english:

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