What is the difference between a good and a bad yogi?

Quelle est la différence entre un bon et un mauvais yogi ?

All about the difference between a good and a bad yogi...

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We can almost hear you say: Ah, I was waiting for that one!

In reference to the " Strangers " , here is our special version of the… good or bad yogi !

Yes, we have to admit that we hear about it, and that there are as many definitions of good and bad yogi as there are yoga practitioners.

  •   Are you afraid to start practicing yoga?
  •   Do you think that your way of life does not allow you to become a good yogi?

 But basically, what is the difference between a good and a bad yogi?

Let's talk about it, because good news, the bad yogi does not exist!

The good student versus the bad student in yoga class

If you're reading this article, you must have heard a whole bunch of theories, each more personal than the next, about yoga classes .

It may have even completely dissuaded you from participating, if only to try...

Know that in this case, the only difference between the good and the bad yogi is that the good student has already gone to a yoga session and enjoys its benefits, while the "bad student" does not. never set foot before...

If you decide to participate in a few yoga sessions, without much conviction, just to try… That's already very good!

You'll see, the rest will follow, because the hardest part is done. Your efforts will pay off. Whatever benefits you get from your regular or occasional yoga practice: it's always taken :)

The good yogi knows how to stay focused

Do you have in mind the image of Buddha, sitting cross-legged, when you think of yoga postures?

We all know that yoga is slow... It's all soft and we get bored!

Because you don't know, or you just don't want to stay focused on your yoga session for too long...

Then you are necessarily considered a bad yogi.

  •   No, don't laugh during the yoga exercises.
  •   Above all, stay focused on your breathing...

If you manage to apply these “golden rules” during a laughter yoga class , congratulations to you!

The good yogi practices yoga every day

Come on, 5 o'clock in the morning, the alarm clock rings, get up! Alright... Let's say, 7 o'clock. It's time for your yoga session at home !

What do you mean, you don't feel like it today?

Bad... You are a very bad yogi!

Because the difference between the good and the bad yogi is that the good yogi likes to get up early, while the bad yogi prefers to sleep later. One of them enjoys a morning yoga session , and the other prefers to give it to himself at the end of the day...

 What, is that all?

Yes. You can practice yoga at your own pace, when you want and when you decide. That's all you need to start yoga : be yourself and listen to your needs.

The good yogi never gets angry

Ah! We were waiting for this one...

The legendary calm of the good yogi is not within everyone's reach, it is well known.

It's obvious, the good yogi can only feel positive emotions!

 Let's set the record straight, shall we?

 Human beings are endowed with the incredible ability to feel emotions .

 So, if you feel anger, impatience, frustration, a sudden urge to laugh, to scream... or any other positive or negative emotion in your life, or even during your yoga sessions, it's ok , you have the right.

You are a good yogi, but above all you are a good person. Accept these emotions, without judgment, and then come back to the present moment .

Suppressing your emotions never did anyone any good.


Food: difference between a good yogi and a bad yogi

The good yogi is necessarily vegetarian. No, he's even vegan!

Do you eat meat? Worse, do you particularly like to taste a good burger ?

 You can still be part of the team of good yogis .

 Because... The biggest difference between each type of practitioner is that some eat, and others too!

I have to be flexible to do yoga

 Ah! This too, we hear everywhere.

Yet this is still a false belief; a mental barrier , call it what you want…

“I'm stiff as a post, yoga is not for me! »

 But if it's for you!

 "Impossible, I will never be able to touch the ground with my hands..."

 Are you sure ? No matter the end result. If you train regularly for the sole purpose of cultivating your personal pleasure , you can achieve amazing results!

Yoga and lifestyle: the good yogi vs the bad yogi

Are you lively, dynamic, do you like to dance, party and go to bed late?

Oh… It smells like a bad yogi around here!

The good yogi goes to bed early, does not smoke, and only drinks water!

Ah, how wise the good yogi is ... in appearance.

yoga yogi yofe

Yoga and spirituality: what is the difference between a good and a bad yogi?

You have been practicing yoga for months, you observe positive changes in your daily life, in your body, in your general well-being.

However, you have the feeling of stagnating. You have the impression that you are missing the little something that would allow you to identify with a true yogi...

But what ?

  •   Spiritual awakening of course!

 Who can become a good yogi without being totally imbued with the “yogi spirit”, and without being in perfect harmony with Buddhist beliefs ? Certainly not the millions of practitioners that make up the huge yogi community today.

Did you believe it? What a question, obviously not, and fortunately!

You understood it well, the good or the bad yogi does not exist.

Nobody has the right to make you believe that you are not strong enough, not flexible enough, not enough... Not enough! To get started in the practice of yoga .


Want to take up yoga? So get started!


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