Yoga For Men: Awaken Your Inner Yogi

Yoga Pour Hommes : Réveille Le Yogi Qui Sommeille En Toi

Yoga for men: discover the yogi inside you


Did you know that only 20% of French yogis are men?

In 2019, statistics identified 2.6 million yoga practitioners in France, and 80% of them are women!

How can a discipline developed by a man ( Patañjali ) be so neglected by them in our Western culture? In India, men who practice yoga are numerous, and they are even very popular!

You're a man, and you don't dare go to just any yoga class. But know that there are now more and more yoga studios that offer classes for men only.


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And if you want to start yoga alone at home, this article could well motivate you to start practicing!

Yoga for men: And why not?

  • The practice of yoga is for “girls”.
  • Yoga is not a sport...
  • I have no desire to meditate, so yoga is not for me!

But do you really know who is at the origin of the discipline of yoga? A man ! Eh yes ! Yoga is a discipline that is as beneficial for men as it is for women (and even for children).

According to a recent survey conducted by Union Sport & Cycle:

  • 93% of yogis practice another sport at the same time
  • 44% of them do running or trail running
  • 36% of yoga practitioners also do fitness

The benefits of practicing yoga for men

We hear a lot about the benefits of yoga . The only problem is that most of the time it is the benefits of yoga for women that are highlighted.


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However, the practice of yoga for men can bring you multiple benefits, and surely much more than you dare to imagine.

Your yoga training will help you develop a steel mind and cultivate self-transcendence; because the techniques and sequences of yoga can turn out to be particularly physical when often we think that a yoga session is "only meditation".


Here are some of the benefits you can get from your yoga sessions:


  • Release of tensions (physical and mental)
  • Stress reduction
  • Reduction of the inflammatory state
  • Strengthening of the immune system and elimination of toxins
  • Better focus
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Improved flexibility and overall health through physical activity


But that's not all !

Regular yoga practice is reported to improve sexual abilities and libido through the significant stimulation of blood circulation during workouts.


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Doing yoga for men could also help prevent the risk of developing prostate problems . Yoga postures are specific to this male particularity.

Who are the men who practice yoga?

Yoga for men: know yourself better and stay in shape

You don't have to be associated with a certain type of person to start yoga. Many yogis practice with the aim of improving their physical and mental well-being in general, to learn how to channel their emotions, to surpass themselves...

Quite simply, to learn to observe their limits and get to know each other better.

High-level sportsmen and athletes

To give you examples, here are some athletes who practice yoga for men :

  • Novak Djokovic, one of the greatest tennis players
  • Tiger Woods, famous American athlete and golfer
  • Guillaume Néry, freediving world champion and diving expert
  • LeBron James, basketball player and one of the best known players in the NBA
  • Jonny Wilkinson, great English rugby player…

 In addition, the coaches of the "All Blacks", the Arsenal team or the Giants have included the practice of yoga in the training routine of their players.

Do you wonder why top athletes have an interest in practicing yoga ?

 It is indeed an excellent discipline to prepare matches or competitions and complete their daily training.

It considerably boosts their sports performance and allows them to enjoy better recovery after exercise.

Rehabilitation and convalescence: yoga to recover or maintain physical abilities

 Whether you are athletic or not, you can get hurt in any circumstance in life.

 Yoga is therefore the best ally of physiotherapists and other health professionals, to help their patients recover from an injury .

Yoga exercises are excellent for rehabilitation after trauma. They make it possible to stretch, to mobilize the body and the joints gently .

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Yoga postures adapted to the male public

The dog heads up

 As a man, you naturally have a more muscular upper body than a woman's. This posture allows you to stretch your shoulders and pecs well, and thus facilitate access to more complex yoga exercises, which require a better amplitude of the upper body.

 Downward facing dog

 This somewhat strange yoga posture is a basic figure of asanas, and it gives you many benefits:

- Complete relaxation and stretching of the neck, neck and back

- Stretching of muscles and tendons in depth

- Improvement of your flexibility after a few training sessions...

The Pigeon Pose

I promise, it's not done on purpose! The yoga postures all have rather funny names...

You may find yourself limited by the flexibility of your hips in various situations, like many men.

This posture is ideal for promoting the opening of the hips and improving your amplitude. Gaining flexibility in the hip joint can be of great use to you in the practice of many sports.

Are you still hesitating to start practicing yoga?

Yofe invites you to consult his latest article: the difference between the good and the bad yogi .

 With a little humor and second degree, you will see that yoga is also within your reach!

Do you want to equip yourself for a yoga session or for a night out with your friends?

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